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Column & Boom Manipulators

Column & Boom Manipulators

Welding manipulators are often used in conjunction with rotating or other positioning equipment to help locate the welding head in the correct position for welding stably and secure in the necessary down hand weld. Once the part is in the correct position, the part is moved through the welding manipulator to help produce the best quality welds. In order to use column and boom welding manipulators on many different parts or shapes, welds can be performed using PAW, GTAW, FCAW, YAG or SAW.

Column and Boom manipulators offer many benefits over a manual weld including

  • Reduce the amount of consumables.
  • Reduction in welding operator fatigue.
  • Keeps the weld head stable and secure, during the weld.
  • The ability to produce consistent welding results time and time again.
  • Using the length of the boom means you can have the ability of multiple weld processes under one welding station.

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